Why Our Practice is Differenet

- Dual-qualified lawyer and licensed to practice Mexican and Canadian law
- Unique understanding of two different legal terrains, languages and cultures
- Cost-effective solutions
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Our Coordinates

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Ontario, M5E 1B3, Canada
Toll Free CAN and US: +844-350-1144,
Mexico City: (01-55) 8421-5377
8:30 to 17:00 hrs, Monday to Friday.
With appointment only
Our office is 5-minutes walk from Union Station, Financial District, Toronto Path and Mexican Consulate




Guillermo Cruz Rico, FLC, LL.M
Director MC Law Office | Abogados 

I was born and raised in Mexico City and in 2005 I moved to Toronto.I was very fortunate to work at Mr. Edward L. Greenspan’s office under his direct supervision in a case related to a double murder in Mexico. Thanks to Mr. Greenspan’s help, in 2007, I obtained a permit as foreign legal consultant for Mexico and have been assisting Canadians with legal needs in Mexico, including criminal defence and commercial law since that time. Meanwhile, I applied to the NCA to get my legal credentials in Canada and after demonstrating proficiency in fourteen subjects and completing the licensing process, I called the bar in Ontario in 2014  

The last sixteen years have been an exciting and rewarding journey. I have had the chance to participate in high profile cases and work with some of the brightest legal minds in Mexico and Canada; I have been exposed to two different legal traditions and I have argued cases before Mexican and Canadian courts but most importantly, I have raised a family and enjoyed the best of two worlds.

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