Nuevas Reglas para Solicitar la Ciudadanía Canadiense

Se reducen los plazos y se facilita el proceso para solicitar la ciudadanía El 19 de junio de 2017 entró en vigor Bill C-6 que reforma varias disposiciones de Citizenship Act y de Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Lo que facilita el proceso y reduce los tiempos de espera para ser candidato elegible a la […]

Difamación en Redes Sociales

Difamación en Redes Sociales

El uso y proliferación del uso de redes sociales ha sido exponencial en la última década. El crecimiento y expansión de las redes sociales se ha convertido en una forma de interacción y expresión social casi omnipresente lo que permite a cualquier persona tener acceso y comunicación a gran número de individuos e instituciones con […]

¿Porqué te puede beneficiar el Tratado de Libre Comercio para Emigrar a Canadá?

Visa NAFTA En diciembre de 2016 el gobierno canadiense levantó el requisito de la visa a turistas mexicanos para visitar Canadá; sin embargo, eso no significa puedas realizar actividades reguladas ni permanecer por más de seis meses. Por tal razón en caso que quieras trabajar o mudar tu residencia a Canadá es necesario obtener el […]

Enforcing Canadian Documents in Mexico

As general rule legal documents issued in accordance with foreign law shall be considered valid within Mexico if some formalities were observed. The following list was prepared to guide you in the process of enforcing foreign legal documents in Mexico: You should provide written conformation that a foreign documents were produced in accordance with applicable […]

This E-commerce Do-List May Help to Protect you Business

E-commerce is a fundamental tool for entrepreneurs If you are receiving information, having on-line payments or engaging in communications with the public, you must observe several requirements in accordance with Canadian law. We have prepared this do-list to assist entrepreneurs to deal with their busy work-schedule: Yous should be aware of Canada´s Anti-Spam Laws; You […]

Corporate Criminal Liability In Mexico

The criminal justice system in Mexico is changing and corporations must be prepared to deal with unknown challenges in the Mexican business landscape. In 2016 a new federal code for criminal proceedings will be adopted nation-wide with innovative features with respect of the criminal liability and sentencing of corporations. For first time, companies could be […]

New Rules to Incorporate a Limited Liability Company in Mexico

On March 14th, 2014 was published on the Mexican Official Gazette a new set of rules to incorporate Mexican companies; one of the major features of this law reform is the creation of a brand new category of limited liability corporations: Sociedad por Acciones Simplificada or S.A.S. This new legal entity shall be a share […]

Timeshares in Mexico: Do’s and Don’ts

If you are considering to get into a timeshare program you should observe these 7 steps: You are entitled to get full disclosure from the service provider before signing any document; Read carefully; contracts must be drafted in Spanish; English translations do not have legal effects and they are made for courtesy purposes only; Ask […]

What to Do in Cases of Grievous Body Harm or Death in Mexico

Mexico is one of the most important destinations for Canadians. According to the Canadian Embassy in Mexico, more than 2 million Canadians visit that country every year; therefore, chances that a Canadian could be injured during a visit are possible; hence, I would like to share with you some recommendations to mitigate, as much as […]