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Enforcing Canadian Documents in Mexico

Enforcing Canadian documents in Mexico is a three-step process.

As general rule legal documents issued in accordance with foreign law shall be considered valid within Mexico if some formalities were observed.

The following list was prepared to guide you in the process of enforcing foreign legal documents in Mexico:

  • You should provide written conformation that a foreign documents were produced in accordance with applicable laws; in other words, that it was granted according to the laws of the country in which they happened;
  • Canadian legal documents could be enforced in Mexico if they have been authenticated by a competent public authority in the jurisdiction of origin and legalized by the proper Mexican Consulate;
  • Documents written in English or French must be translated to Spanish by a certified translator in Mexico.

Please bear in mind that in some cases Federal and State regulation must be followed; therefore, proper guidance will save you time and headaches.

Since 2014,  we have assisted Canadian clients to enforcing foreign legal documents in Mexico; including birth and marriage certificates, powers of attorney and corporations by-laws.

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