Do you Have a Timeshare Hangover?

Since 2007 we have been helping Canadians to break out of unfair timeshare contracts and getting their money back


Why Our Clients Like Us

“Great service, fair price and no hidden fees; I am happy because no more timeshare scam giving me headaches every night.” 

A.H. Oakville, Ontario

“My wife and I are retired and we love Mexico. We put our savings to get a timeshare. After spending more than $28,500 USD, we learned that we were trapped in a mislead contract: no upgrades nor free plane tickets; the worst was that we started receiving threatening calls from collection agencies. We would like to thank you because without your help we would have lost our life savings.”


D.F. Calgary, Alberta

“My family was hooked with a $32,000 USD timeshare and we did not know what to do. After your assistance the contract was cancelled and we have peace of mind. Thank you so much”

C.R. Toronto, Ontario

Dually-licensed lawyer specialized in navigating Mexican and Canadian legal systems with an unique understanding of language, cultural tradition and business etiquete in both countries.

Our fees are guaranteed, no unpleasant surprises. You will have full disclosure about cost, payments and every step needed to complete your case.

Each case is unique and requires unique solutions; from simple engagements with timeshare providers to complex proceedings before Mexican authorities, including litigation.

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