What to Do in Cases of Grievous Body Harm or Death in Mexico

Mexico is one of the most important destinations for Canadians. According to the Canadian Embassy in Mexico, more than 2 million Canadians visit that country every year; therefore, chances that a Canadian could be injured during a visit are possible; hence, I would like to share with you some recommendations to mitigate, as much as possible, an unfortunate situation:

  1. When you book your trip make sure that you obtain travel insurance, including medical and funeral expenses. Please keep in mind that medical care could be very expensive in a foreign jurisdiction and also, funeral expenses could be over $15,000 USD to repatriate human remains to Canada.
  2. If you are involved in an incident that causes grievous body harm or death, as soon as possible, contact your consulate; you are entitled to obtain consular assistance.  If you need information about Canadian consular offices in Mexico just click here.
  3. If you are requested to provide an official statement or declaration, either as witness or person of interest, by law you are entitled to be assisted by proper interpreter or official translator. Do not sign any document without properly understanding the wording written on it.
  4. If you are requested to sign any legal document, either a waiver or release you should do it only after obtaining proper legal representation.