It starts with:

“Hola Amigos”
Then comes a tour of the property. Margaritas get blended, brochures change hands, and promises get made. Then, through a fog of tequila it’s sign here, here, and here.

Congratulations. You now own a piece of paradise. Only it’s a paradise with hidden costs, ever changing “maintenance” fees, and sudden restrictions. That $15,000 timeshare now costs you ten times what you paid. Eventually, the phone begins to ring with collections agents. And if you don’t pay, the real estate company ruins your credit rating for life The Canadian government won’t help you, and neither will the Mexican consulate. (They can’t.) And no Canadian lawyer, however experienced, can handle a foreign legal system. You’re stuck with it.

If you want to know how you could start FIGHTING TIMESHARE FRAUD IN MEXICO

Timeshare Lawyer based in Canada

Timeshare Aid helps everyday people stand up to Mexican real estate fraud. We know their playbook: hidden fees, misleading clauses, and broken communication. Timeshare Aid doesn’t care if the real estate company is a giant. The law is the law. And with our expertise in Mexican law, we can get the monkey off your back.  Since 2007 we have help several Canadians to know fight timeshare fraud in Mexico
As the only foreign legal consultant and dual-certified Canadian and Mexican lawyer in Canada, I specialize in helping Canadians navigate a tangled legal system and break free from fraud. Since 2007, we have nullified dozens of fraudulent timeshare contracts for our clients. Timeshare Aid is part of the MC Law Office, a firm dedicated to Mexican and Canadian legal issues.