Mexican Law


For Canadians, individuals and corporations, with legal needs in Mexico

Legal Representation

Criminal defence
We provide legal defense in criminal and professional matters, ensuring a fair trial rights protection in Mexico’s Criminal Courts.

Civil litigation
We will assist in the creation, ratification and approval of civil contracts, property management and guidance in matters related to family and estate planning.

Setting up Mexican corporation
We apply our vast experience in the Mexican business environment to provide you with all the legal strategies to successfully set up a corporation in Mexico, purchase, franchise, etc.

Amparo proceeding
Amparo is an extraordinary constitutional appeal, which may be filed in federal court, by Mexicans and by foreigners whose rights might be compromised by an authority in Mexico. We prevent you to be unfairly retained and allow you to undergo your defense before the authority undermines your rights.

Real Estate &Timeshare Law

Real Estate
You are about to invest an important part of your savings in a property in Mexico, we will make sure that your interests as the buyer are protected at all times. We will guide you through the intricacies and customs of the Mexican Real Estate market while providing you with a familiar format in concluding the transaction and insuring your title. One of the advantages of being represented by a Dually qualified law firm.

Buying & selling property in Mexico
We will provide you with the right guidance to achieve your goals with our verification process, due diligence, referencing, notary public, etc.

Timeshare / Scam
We help everyday people stand up to Mexican real estate fraud. We know their playbook: hidden fees, misleading clauses, and broken communication. Our team doesn’t care if the real estate company is a giant. The law is the law. And with our expertise in Mexican law, we can get the monkey off your back.

As the only dual-certified Canadian and Mexican law office in Canada, we specialize in helping Canadians navigate a tangled legal system and break free from fraud. Since 2007, we have nullified dozens of fraudulent timeshare contracts for our clients. Timeshare Aid is part of the MC Law Office, a firm dedicated to Mexican and Canadian legal issues.

Family & Estate Law

Estate & Probate proceedings
We represent clients in probate and trust proceedings which involve the laws of both Mexico and Canada.

Estate litigation
There are certain differences between Canada and Mexico to keep in mind, as Mexico does not have survivor rights and the surviving spouse might not automatically inherit a property, we can support you in having a will to be valid in both countries.

Prenuptial Agreements
We always cheer for “They lived happily ever after”, but just in case things don’t go as expected, we also can support so the happiness prevails in any case.

Divorce Proceedings
When all options have been explored and there is no other rout to follow, you can trust in a firm that will help you go through the process with the best possible outcome for you.

Immigrating to Mexico

Work permits
When visiting Mexico on a business trip, it is important to define if a work permit is required based on the nature of the visit.

Temporary residence
For those who will work on a project or a series of projects that will extend their visit.

Permanent residence
Thinking about retiring or continuing your professional path in Mexico? We are able to support you through all the steps of the process.


Any consultation is on a hourly rate but we have designed some packages for our clients.

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