Dually-qualified lawyer in Mexico and Canada
It all starts with "Hola amigos, come and see..."

Then comes a tour of the property. Margaritas get blended, brochures change hands, and promises get made. Then, through a fog of tequila it’s sign here, here, and here.

Congratulations. You now own a piece of paradise. Only it’s a paradise with hidden costs, ever changing “maintenance” fees, and sudden restrictions. That $15,000 timeshare now costs you ten times what you paid. Eventually, the phone begins to ring with collections agents. And if you don’t pay, the real estate company ruins your credit rating for life The Canadian government won’t help you, and neither will the Mexican consulate. (They can’t.) And no Canadian lawyer, however experienced, can handle a foreign legal system. You’re stuck with it.

Timeshare lawyers based in Ontario

Timeshare Aid helps everyday people stand up to Mexican real estate fraud. We know their playbook: hidden fees, misleading clauses, and broken communication. Timeshare Aid doesn’t care if the real estate company is a giant. The law is the law. And with our expertise in Mexican law, we can get the monkey off your back.  

As the only dual-certified Candian and Mexican law office in Canada, we specialize in helping Canadians navigate a tangled legal system and break free from fraud. Since 2007, we have nullified dozens of fraudulent timeshare contracts for our clients. Timeshare Aid is part of the MC Law Office, a firm dedicated to Mexican and Canadian legal issues.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can an attorney get out of a bad timeshare? 

In a word, yes. We have successfully voided contracts, no matter what documents you signed. Fraud is fraud. The Mexican legal system doesn’t take it lightly when trained Mexican lawyers hold it accountable. 

Why is it so hard to get out of a timeshare?

For the average person, the different legal system and language is already a barrier. Layer on the raft of signed documents and the aggressive timeshare companies have leverage to keep you stuck. With legal representation, however, fraudulent agreements can become void.

What about selling? Can I sell my timeshare back instead of voiding a contract? 

Yes. We can help you sell your timeshare and recoup some of your costs so you can move on. Timeshare Aid can handle the entire transaction on your behalf. 

How do I know if I’ve signed a bad deal?

Maybe your fees are suddenly higher. Or there’s a sudden restriction to using your property. Perhaps you discover hidden costs or misleading rules. Any one of those issues could be a sign of fraud. 

My timeshare agreement is a few years old. Is it too late?

No. In our view, it’s never too late to get out of a contract that will only cost you more over time. Timeshare Aid has seen real estate companies become more brazen over time. They know you’ll pay what you’re paying now, so they’ll often ask for more. They see you as nothing but a foreign ATM.  

Why hire your team? Shouldn’t I just hire a Mexican lawyer in Mexico? 

You certainly could. In our experience, the language barrier has proven difficult for both sides of the team. Working with a dually trained lawyer who lives and works in your own country puts you at an advantage. Communication and understanding is how Timeshare Aid has helped our clients get better outcomes.

What is the average cost of getting out of a timeshare? 

We are not expensive by design. Our legal practice also fosters trade between Mexico and Canada. We have an interest in helping more Canadians live, work, and play in Mexico.


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Our Clients Talk for Us.

"I was impressed with the professional, pleasant sophistication of the office itself, and was equally reassured by the calm, thoughtful and attentive demeanour of Mr. Cruz Rico. He took care to thoroughly understand the issues from my (the client’s) perspective, and he also took care to explain the complexities of the facts and applicable law and legal processes. As Mexican Civil Law is very different from the English (Canadian) Common Law, and as Mexican law…I knew, being myself a retired Canadian lawyer, that I would be wise to retain legal counsel trained and experienced in Mexico. Of course, as Mr. Cruz Rico is also trained and experienced in Canada, he was well able to understand my perspectives and assist me in understanding the differences in the two legal systems..."


"Mr. Cruz and his associate made time to listen to my case with genuine concern took care of my problem immediately He is the only lawyer to solve your problems in Mexico Thank you."

Aurora, Ontario

"My husband and I are grateful for your services for what, to us, has been a rather traumatic situation. You have been compassionate, patient and kind, listening to our needs and concerns. You made yourself very accessible to us. You helped us move forward to a resolution without making us feel embarrassed or remorseful for a decision we made under duress. The fact that you have offices in both Mexico and Canada is a huge benefit to anyone who might find themselves in our situation. You understand well the laws of Mexico and were able to help us with the language barrier. We will now move forward without the fear of any further costs to us and feel grateful that we need have no further dealings with the company involved"

Mr. and Ms. F
Barrie, Ontario


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