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We have an unique understanding and command of two different legal systems, cultures and languages; therefore, we could assist  you  to deal with your legal needs in both ends of North America without getting lost in translations nor wasting time or money.

MC Law Firm, Mexican Canadian Lawyer in Toronto

Mexican Canadian Lawyer

We advice to our clients about ideal ways to conduct business in Mexico to achieve their goals; from identifying the right legal structure, e.g. Mexican corporation, limited partnership, joint venture, etc. to guide them from A to Z without getting lost in the process.

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Mexican Canadian Lawyer in Toronto

Frequently Asked Questions

If you hire a Mexican Canadian lawyer you do not have to engage two or more counsels nor translators to understand your legal needs in Mexico or Canada; therefore, you save time and money

Legal systems and traditions in Mexico and Canada are different; that is why only a lawyer devoted to Mexican and Canadian law can identify differences and help to avoid mistakes and unnecessary expenses. 

You should hire a Mexican Canadian lawyer when you have legal needs Mexico. Generally speaking, when you need legal advice, defence or representation; particularly, when you are buying or selling real estate, dealing with timeshare scams or fraud or when you are starting a business.

In first place, insurance; lawyers in Mexico are not required to have insurance to practice law. A Canadian Lawyer and foreign legal consultant must hold an insurance policy for errors and omissions. Secondly, rules of professional responsibility, in Canada a lawyer must complete hours of Continuing Professional Development, in other words, a lawyer must be engaged in educational and training activities every year. 

Only a legal professional authorized by the Law Society of Ontario is allowed to provide legal services pursuant LSO By-Law 14  

Yes, a Mexican Canadian lawyer and foreign legal consultant may assist you to draft powers of attorney and your will and testaments to be executed and effective in Mexico.




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Lawyer devoted to Mexican law providing solutions for Canadians.

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Lawyer devoted to Canadian law providing legal services in Spanish.

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Are you a victim of timeshare scam in Mexico?

Since 2007 we have fought timeshare fraud and scams. We are proud because we have helped many Canadians to get out of unreasonable contracts and protect them from timeshare scams in Mexico.

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