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We have an unique understanding and command of two different legal systems, cultures and languages

 We are dedicated to providing top-tier legal services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and individuals navigating the complexities of cross-border legal matters in Mexico and Canada.
Experience the difference of tailored legal services. Whether you’re at the intersection of Mexican and Canadian law for business, investments, or personal matters, MC Law Firm | Abogados is your beacon of legal prowess. 
Step into a world where borders are bridged, challenges are met with solutions, and success knows no boundaries.
Welcome to MC  Law Office | Abogados, where legal empowerment begins. if you have more questions why you should retain a Mexican Canadian lawyer, click here for mor information.
Why you have a Mexican Canadian Lawyer on your side

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First law firm in Toronto devoted to provide services in Spanish and English in accordance with Mexican and Canadian law
Mexican Canadian Lawyer Assisting Canadians

Mexican Law

Trusted legal counsel for Canadians in Mexico in an array of areas, from corporate & business law, immigration and real estate to criminal cases including timeshare scams and frauds.

MC Law Firm, Canadian Mexican Lawyer in Toronto

Canadian Law

Since 2014 assisting professionals, business people and investors from Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries about Canadian law, including
Immigration Law Business & Corporate Law.

Notary Public

Helping to prepare powers of attorney, will and last testaments, affidavits, etc.. Also, we assist our clients to enforce public documents issued in Canada abroad, including apostille and legalization before foreign authorities.

Foreign Legal Consultant

Helping Canadians to navigate the legal landscape and system in Mexico. We provide legal and expert opinions about Mexican law and proceedings. For more info contact us now.


Are you a victim of timeshare scam in Mexico?

Since 2007 we have fought timeshare fraud and scams. We are proud because we have helped many Canadians to get out of unreasonable contracts and protect them from timeshare scams in Mexico.

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We are conveniently located at  Maison Mexico, 120 Adelaide West, Suite 2500-120,  at the heart of Toronto’s Financial District with direct access The Path, to Osgoode and St Andrew TTC Stations and the Mexican Consulate. 


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Timeshare Law in Mexico

Timeshare Law in Mexico Timeshare contract could be a real nightmare for those who did not take proper precautions due to unreasonable terms and obscure clauses with outrageous penalties and overcharges; fortunately Mexico has developed

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