Frequent Questions and Answers

If you hire a Mexican Canadian lawyer you do not have to engage two or more counsels nor translators to understand your legal needs in Mexico or Canada; therefore, you save time and money

Legal systems and traditions in Mexico and Canada are different; that is why only a lawyer devoted to Mexican and Canadian law can identify differences and help to avoid mistakes and unnecessary expenses. 

You should hire a Mexican Canadian lawyer when you have legal needs Mexico. Generally speaking, when you need legal advice, defence or representation; particularly, when you are buying or selling real estate, dealing with timeshare scams or fraud or when you are starting a business.

In first place, insurance; lawyers in Mexico are not required to have insurance to practice law. A Canadian Lawyer and foreign legal consultant must hold an insurance policy for errors and omissions. Secondly, rules of professional responsibility, in Canada a lawyer must complete hours of Continuing Professional Development, in other words, a lawyer must be engaged in educational and training activities every year. 

Only a legal professional authorized by the Law Society of Ontario is allowed to provide legal services pursuant LSO By-Law 14  

Yes, a Mexican Canadian lawyer and foreign legal consultant may assist you to draft powers of attorney and your will and testaments to be executed and effective in Mexico.

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