Work Visa for Canadians in Mexico

What you should know about Work Visas in Mexico

Work Visa in Mexico for Canadians

Canada is a champion in foreign direct investment in Mexico and every year sends a substantial number of its nationals to Mexico to conduct training and working roles.

Canadian companies have an important presence in Mexico; from mining and energy industries, to financial and automotive sectors. According to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, more than 100,000 direct jobs are generated by Canadian employers like Magna, Scotia Bank, and Bombardier. In addition, according to the Mexico´s Ministry of Economy, more than 75% of the mining exploration concessions are held by Canadian companies. Other sectors offer remarkable conditions for Canadians to setup operations in Mexico; for example, agroindustries, clean teach, IT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Canadian need a work visa for Mexico?

This is a good question asked by Canadian clients considering doing business in Mexico. As a general rule, all foreign nationals, including Canadians, conducting paid activities in Mexico must obtain a work visa; this requirement encompasses training and working roles.

When a Canadian should apply for a work visa for Mexico?

If a Canadian will spend more than 180 days conducting business, technical or training activities in Mexico and the source of income shall be generated in Mexico, e.g. a Mexican corporation, as general rule, the applicant must apply before traveling to Mexico.

What is the difference between a business visitor and a foreign worker?

As general rule a business visitor will spend less than 180 days within Mexico, works for a non-Mexican employer, e.g. a Canadian company, and the source of payment comes from Canada.

Does a Canadian business visitor need a Work Visa?

As a general rule, if a Canadian is considered as a business visitor by the Mexican immigration authority, no work visa shall be needed.

Does MC Law Firm | Abogados can assist me to apply for work permits in Mexico?

Yes, since 2007, we have assisted Canadians, including companies and individuals, to deal with their immigration needs in accordance with the laws of Mexico, and addressing their questions on immigration law. Should you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me.