Legal services, in English and Spanish,in Business, Corporate and Immigration law

Since 2014 we have been assisting professionals, business people and investors from Latin America with legal needs in Canada, including legal defence and representation in immigration, business and corporate law.

Canada is known world-wide for stability, quality of life, safety and rule of law; according to the OECD  Canada is one of the top countries in its Better Life Index. 

Since the mid-20th-century Canada has been enjoying a remarkable  growth in manufacturing, mining and service sectors; for example, the CIA in its World Fact Book  recognizes Canada’s transition from “a largely rural economy into one primarily industrial and urban”. Some of the reason: abundant natural resources, highly skilled labor force, modern capital stock and the country’s financial system.  “Canada’s major banks emerged from the financial crisis of 2008-09 among the strongest in the world, owing to the financial sector’s tradition of conservative lending practices and strong capitalization…” 

Our Services Include

Immigration to Canada

Business and Economic Immigration

1.Temporary Residence

I. Work Visa

a. International Mobility Program

i. Inter-company transfer

ii. International Agreements, e.g. CUMSA (NAFTA), CPTPP, CETA, etc.

iii. Entrepreneurs/self-employed seeking to Operate a Business

b. Labour Market Impact Assessment

c. Post-Graduate Work Permit

II. Student Permit
III. Visitor Visa
2. Permanent Residence

Canadian Immigration law offers different ways to immigrate to this country, more than 100 categories, including family, and economic streams, Therefore, a comprehensive assessment should be conducted to determinate the best option for each candidate.

I. Family Stream

II. Economic Stream

a. Express Entry

i. Federal Skill Worker
ii. Canadian Experience Class
iii. Federal Skilled Trades Class

b. Provincial Nominee Program(s)

Business and Corporate Law

We understand small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); therefore, our services embrace corporate and commercial solutions for business and the individuals that own and operate them, including:


Preparation and negotiation of Shareholders’ Agreements

Preparation and negotiation of general and limited Partnership Agreements

Preparation and negotiation of joint venture agreements

Commercial agreements, including purchase or sale of a business, Employment Agreements, etc.

Secured lending transactions

Purchase and sale of a business