FQA Buying Real Estate in Mexico

Congratulations on finding a dream property in Mexico! MC Law MC Law Firm | Abogados is here to help you to protect your money when you are buying real estate in Mexico without getting lost in translations or having unnecessary headaches.

Buying real estate in Mexico could be very rewarding and a great investment; however, at the same time it could be a challenging journey; differences of language, business culture and legal systems are some of the reasons why a transaction could be very confusing. We have designed a set of services to guide you, step-by-step to prevent any unnecessary risk and secure your transaction in a clear and straight forward fashion.

I am a buyer; do I need to hire a Real Estate Agent?

The straightforward answer is NO! but having one can be advantageous. Most Canadians have limited experience buying real estate in Mexico. Real estate agents find deals that suit your lifestyle and budget and negotiate with sellers, especially if multiple or counter-offers are made. Realtor’s commissions usually are paid by seller’s listing agents and there is no direct cost to you. 

Should I get legal advice before making an Offer of Purchase?

YES, an offer is a written agreement that includes terms and conditions you and the seller must meet within very specific timelines; therefore, it would be irrevocable for an agreed-to period and. Once accepted by the seller, it would be legally binding on you

What is the role of a Notary Public in buying real estate of Mexico?

A notary public is a lawyer with an official designation given by the Mexican government to certify contracts, agreements, and other solemn acts, including last wills and testaments and affidavits. A notary public is an essential part to complete any closing; however, due to its official designation he or she is not acting as lawyer of the buyer nor the seller just as impartial party confirming that any transaction related to buying real estate in Mexico wasconducted in accordance the law of the land and taxes and duties were properly covered. Therefore, a notary public is not your lawyer nor protecting your best interest.

Is an inspection mandatory in accordance with Mexican law?

No, as general rule, real estate transactions would be in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed by the parties; therefore, you should legal advice to include an independent inspection clause to protect your investment.

How could MC Law Firm | Abogados help you when buying Real Estate in Mexico?

If you’re getting the idea buying Real Estate in Mexico may be complicated, you’re right. Having MC Law Firm | Abogados on your side will facilitate the whole process, from reviewing relevant documents, to act as your representative and spoke person with authorities and relevant parties when you are negotiating any agreement. Including your real estate agent and opposite parties; over role, we could be the linchpin to ensure that your money gets the best value without unnecessary headaches.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Due to the level of sophistication and complexity of transactions related to buying real estate in Mexico we cannot offer free consultations; however, we have designed a set of services with flat fees for your peace of mind; you pay a flat fee plus HST to guide you in the process to buying real estate in Mexico.

How I could be assist assisted you?

For your convenience, we offer  real-time video call anywhere in Ontario or we could have you at our office conveniently located in Toronto.

Why should I retain you when I am buying real estate in Mexico?

MC Law Firm | Abogados is the first law firm based in Toronto devoted to providing services in accordance with the laws of Mexico and Canada, in English and Spanish, led by Guillermo Cruz Rico, dually-qualified lawyer in Mexico and Ontario authorized to practice law In both ends of North America. With a combined experience of more than 21 years practicing law in Mexico and Canada Mr. Cruz Rico has an unique understanding and command of two different legal systems, cultures and languages; therefore, he could assist you to deal with your legal needs in both ends of North America without getting lost in translations nor wasting time or money.